• greg-todd-headshotI’ve been a PT for 16 years and have served as a mentor to more than 2,000 physical therapists worldwide. 
    I feel comfortable with saying I have an eye for the special ones.
    Casey is one of them.

    Casey will be part of the new leadership that will take the physical therapy profession to the next level.  He’s THAT GOOD!!!  Greg Todd PT, OCS, CSCS, Co-owner of Renewal Rehab, Founder of Physical Therapy Builder


  • 16831894_1063287173805492_5151226812749617416_nI’m glad that Casey Coleman is going to be a future colleague in physical therapy. He is passionate and knowledgable. He is a true go-getter, and he has helped me reach my fuller potential. – Rebekah J 


  • 16864406_1884404148457508_6752551751944683018_nI can always trust that Casey is posting quality content that can help me on my health journey. – Andrew M


  • 16807786_1215423098512036_1946430978025205134_nIncredibly knowledgeable guy! His videos have been a huge help to treating my conditions! – Dr. Ian K, PT, DPT


  • 16865140_718650624972683_2641031026843306450_nCasey is extremely passionate about the field of Physical Therapy! He is very knowledgeable and puts out excellent content through his blog and website! – Dr. Nick S, PT, DPT


  • 14089280_1184628321601171_7830026294872231046_nCasey is a rising star in the field of physical therapy! He is constantly putting out excellent, practical information for those looking for answers in their health journey. – Dr. Nate A, PT, DPT


  • 12729203_10205987359458667_3421864130292009044_nCasey is a caring individual that is passionate about what he does. He stays up to date on current research in physical therapy which translates to excellent patient care! – Dr. Joey M, PT, DPT


  • 16864369_380099329042270_1391765493648490378_nCasey’s passion for the physical therapy profession is admirable. He engages in professional leadership and supports his colleagues. I highly recommend Casey as your go to health professional! – Dr. Kelli B, PT, DPT


  • 14695484_10100494781990280_1689162094968066727_nThe future Dr. Coleman, shares great content and information regarding general health and wellness practices. Check out his website for great articles the are beneficial for one’s health! He is doing a great job as a DPT student imagine when how he will be after he starts practicing as a Physical Therapist. – Felicia B


  • 15380472_1636102290023109_2988280501859447349_nCasey is very knowledge and great to work with. If you are in need of PT you’ve found the right person! – Dr. Tameka D, PT ,DPT, MDT


  • 16649568_1890001644561958_2634350417860827932_nCasey is an excellent communicator and has extensive knowledge in the field of physical therapy. – Dr. Jack W, PT, DPT