10 Ways to Make Your Social Media Content Last

Many people have problems creating new content on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. What if there was a way to stretch out one piece of content over days or weeks until you found your new source of inspiration? You may have created an amazing piece of content 6 months ago that exceeded your expectations. If you can’t find that same inspiration you once had, you could try repurposing that stellar video, blog, or podcast and use it over and over again.


Why repurpose?

Repurposing content can help you reach all corners of the social media universe in a fraction of the time. Another reason to display your content on all platforms is to reach the max audience possible. everyone consumes media differently. Some people may prefer to skim a short article than to watch a 4 minute video. Some people may not even use twitter and may only live on Instagram. recreating 1 original piece of content for multiple platforms ensures your message will be seen. When you recreate for a different platform be sure that your message fits that apps style. ie, it may not be wise to read your blog over 30 snaps on snapchat.

For Example, You wrote a 2,000 word blog that received 500 visitors. You can turn that blog into a multiple pieces of content that will be described below.

1. Blog:

Start with 1 piece of content like a blog. I recommend starting with a blog because it’s a great way to get your ideas out while giving you time to easily edit and change your content quickly and efficiently. Writing an article also has a no learning curve to get started. We have all been writing since early in our academic career.

For beginners, video may be difficult due awkwardness, nervousness, and the learning curve of editing video content. Writing a blog also takes next to no equipment compared to videos depending on what level of quality you’re after. Let’s say you just started out and you wrote a 2,000 word blog that received 500 visitors. You can take that blog and turn that into many more pieces of content without having to create a new idea. Remember share your blog to Facebook, Facebook is the #1 platform for the majority of internet users. Especially share the blog Facebook groups that have audiences specific to your content.

2. Video:

Fear of public speaking is the #1 fear amongst the majority of people. This may be why many shy away from video content. However keep in mind your goals of what you want to accomplish and how fast you want to reach them. Even though most people don’t like being in front of a camera, most people love being on the other end by consuming video content. This may be why actors have always been more popular than authors. Video is a faster way for the audience to become more comfortable with you, and video may gain their trust faster than audio or written content.

Great video content takes practice, skill, talent, hard-work, editing skills, and possibly a few pieces of equipment. If you’re not good at writing you can take the video and transcribe it into a blog. If you’re better at writing you can read or summarize your blog on video, or make a video illustration from your blog content. Now that  2,000 word article is now a 4 minute video that can potentially reached 1,000+ people.

3. Podcasts:

While taping your video you can simultaneously record a podcast, or turn the audio from that video into a podcast. There has been a resurgence of podcasts, and this is another great outlet to use to reach different sectors of your audience. Podcasts gives a similar effect of video without taking the time from the viewer to sit and watch. Podcasts has taken over for radio because it gives the listener information the way they prefer to consume content, with the connivence of listening on their own time. Now that 1 blog can potentially receive 50 downloads

4. Newsletter:

Use the blogs, videos, and or podcasts you’ve created in the past month and package them in a monthly email newsletter. This can bring value to the sector of your audience who potentially missed a few pieces throughout the month. If you have less content you may want to think about creating a bi monthly or quarterly newsletter. By the end of the year you can compile a “Best of the year” email newsletter to bring a years worth of content to your audience. This may also give yourself a perspective about how much you have accomplished. Now that blog has turned into yet 1 more piece of content.

5. Instagram:

With Instagram, you can take segments from your blog and create 5 Instagram picture quotes and post them over a span of 2 or 3 days. Another option is to take a clip or two from your original video and post them to Instagram. Remember to use #hashtags with your Instagram content to catch the audience looking for topics related to your content. For example, if you wrote a low back pain blog, use #lowbackpain, #pain, #rehab, etc. That 1 blog is now 5 to 7 Instagram posts.

6. Twitter:

When using Twitter, you can turn the original 2,000 word blog into 7 tweets. To do this, take the 7 best lines from your blog and tweet them out while linking your blog in the same tweet. Don’t forget to use #hashstags in your tweets to catch the biggest audience possible. Video content is also available on twitter. Easily take the same video used for Instagram, insert your quote from your blog and include hashtags as well. The original blog is now 7 tweets and 2 video clips.

7. Pinterest:

Pinterest is “the worlds catalog of ideas”. The site is mainly used for pictures of clothes, travel destinations, and DIY projects. The platform is also house infographics for recipes, health & wellness, fun factsm and so much more. With Pinterest you can take the keys points in your blog or video and turn that into an infographic. You can also work smart and use the same pictures you used for instagram for  pinterest. Pinterest also allows you to link your website, blog, or video url to the picture in order for the audience to be redirected to your original content. The original blog is now 1 infographic and 5 pictures.

8. Snapchat & Instagram stories:

Snapchat and instagram stories are a great way to give your audience a short summary of your most recent content. These two platforms are made for pictures and short segment videos perfect for promoting your content with short stories. Although you can not track likes impressions or engagement, you can see how many people view your stories. Snapchat and instagram stories tend to build more depth with the audience as opposed to width. A deeper relationship tends to be built on these platforms. The original blog is now 5 snapchats and 5 instagram stories.

Congratulations! The original 2,000 word blog with 500 visitors is now over 30 pieces of content reaching over 2x the audience of your original post.

Social Media Infographic

9. Bigger Projects:

Once your content is deep enough you may want to compile your content into a major piece of work. For example, After enough blogs are written you can create an ebook. After enough videos are created you can make a short film or transcribe those videos into an ebook. If you believe your major projects are of a certain caliber, you can think about outsourcing your content for monetization.

10. Old Content

Don’t be afraid to repost popular content. The speed of information is so fast today that most people will forget what you posted in a weeks time. You can either see this as a blessing or a curse. If you have an evergreen piece of content that consistently receives traffic, you can repost it for new members of your audience. You’re also reposting for the audience who has forgot about your amazing piece from 2-4 months ago.

Old content can also be inspiration for new content. For example, “How to end back pain” can turn into “How to end back pain while shoveling snow”. That blog can turn into “How to build a snow man with your grandkids w/o back pain”. Those ideas can easily turn into into a winter workout video and so much more.

*Bonus* Collaborations:

Collaborate with other content producers who have a bigger audience then you to grow your followers reach more people, and bring value to the influencer who was gracious enough to collaborate with you. Don’t forget that you may be a “big influencer” to someone else, so feel free to collaborate with someone with a smaller audience than you as well.

User generated content: once you have a big consistent audience you can think about asking your audience to contribute to your site as well. this will make them more engaged in your content and give them a sense of ownership and belonging. This is a great way to build loyalty for the long run.

I learned how to create and repurpose my content with precision and efficiency with the help of Smart Success PT.

Thank you for your attention.

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Edited: Ffrancesca Famorcan

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