Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Cash is king, but the king in your back pocket can potentially cause back pain.

part1A big and mo’ common problem from mo’ money is Sciatica.  Sciatica can be caused by multiple factors, one of which is pressure on the sciatic nerve from sitting on a wallet. The sciatic nerve either runs through or extremely close to a muscle, called the piriformis. The piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve are situated directly where the wallet fits in the back pocket. Therefore, when sitting on a wallet, compression can form on the piriformis and, most importantly, the sciatic nerve.

This condition has many names, such as wallet sciatica, wallet neuritis, and credit carditis, but is otherwise known as its medical name, piriformis syndrome. An uneven pelvis can also cause sciatica by causing the spine to bend, ultimately closing the foramen and pinching the formation of the sciatic nerve. This leads to immediate pain in the buttock and down the leg. Long term posture like this can lead to even more serious problems.

149700_60_news_hub_multi_630x0A wallet is essentially a wedge tilting the pelvis to one side. The body always wants to keep your eyes level with the horizon. Therefore, if the pelvis is shifted one way, the spine is tilted in the opposite direction, causing an unnatural spinal curve. This atypical curve can be termed as a functional scoliosis.

All of this puts unnecessary stress on muscles, ligaments, joints, and nerve roots, causing low back pain, muscle fatigue, numbness, tingling, and the very common sciatica. Remember that the entire body is connected. A slight pelvic obliquity can cause havoc in the hips, causing low back pain, knee and ankle issues, and even diaphragm compression that could affect breathing. Not to mention, a minute skew in normal bodily conformation can tilt or rotate the ribs, affect scapular position, and eventually generate shoulder problems and tension headaches. Aside from physical abnormalities, other irregularities can happen when carrying a wallet in your back pocket. Here are some other reasons to switch to a front pocket wallet:

  • Logical, practical, and convenient for everyday use
  • Less prone to pick-pocketing
  • Your ID’s and credit cards will last longer
  • Wont ruin wallet or your pants
  • Much more comfortable and improves your style
  • A thinner smaller front pocket wallet helps you declutter and become more organized

My colleague & fellow DPT student, Leighton Sjoren, started the company, LastStichLeather. LastStichLeather specializes in creating customized wallets and leather products that are personally designed to fit your style needs and, most importantly, in your front pocket.

Website –   Facebook & Instagram – @laststitchleather

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Edited: Ffrancesca Famorcan

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