In one Year & out the other

Let’s face it, it is not logical to choose a single day to make a major life change. If you can’t make good decisions before January 1st, then the probability of starting a sustainable change on January 1st is slim to none. Yes, it is important to have goals and direction, but letting everyone know about it makes the goal bigger than it really is and put an unnecessary burden on you.

1. Any time but January

When it comes to making a major lifestyle change, sometimes  you are ready and sometimes you aren’t. However, one thing about significant changes is contemplation. Months or years of thought go into that decision. New Year’s day isn’t going to roll around and make it any easier to eat healthier or make better financial choices. If you can’t make smart choices throughout the year, then the chances of beginning a viable change on January 1st is slight.

2. Holiday Cheer is Still in the Air

Emotional highs and the physical remains of holiday magic are still around at midnight on January 1st. Family, friends, festive lights, shopping sales, chocolates, gift cards, and new presents. All of these factors can make it hard to snap out of the holiday mindset and into motivation mode.

3. We Expect Too Much

It is great to set goals and aim high. However, you must be self aware, think rationally, and accept that there are some goals that are not reachable, need modification, or will take more time. There’s nothing worse than trying lose 50 pounds and quitting by February because you haven’t seen enough of a change. Also, making a big announcement about your New Year’s resolutions may not be the best thing either. Making a public declaration of your goals puts pressure on you and makes the journey toward reaching that target burdensome instead of exciting. If you don’t remember that real lifestyle changes takes time, perseverance, and dedication, you will lose momentum.

4. Losing Momentum

The best way to not lose momentum is to be committed to your goals before the New Year. In fact, you have to be ready to start making lifestyle changes immediately, even if in modified form. Because while January 1st signifies the start of a new calendar year, actual change starts with YOUR internal clock, and that clock is already ticking. Procrastination also kills momentum. The longer you wait to act upon your goals  the more reasons you’ll find not to do them.

5. You don’t have a Finish Line 

Yes, you want to lose weight and be rich,  but how much weight and how rich? You must be specific about your end product and reverse engineer from your goal. Reverse engineering is starting with the goal in mind and working backwards by setting short-term checkpoints to reach your goal . If you reverse engineer losing 20 lbs. by March, then by  February, you should have lost 10 lbs., and by January 15th, you’d need to lose 5 lbs. until you get all the way back to this moment in time. What can you do in the next 10 seconds to move 1 step closer to want you want?

Thank You for Your Attention.  

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Edited: Ffrancesca Famorcan

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