Shop Like a Boss

My gift to you to build your strength and shop like a boss this holiday season.

Gift 1. Neck Stretches: Keep your head on a swivel to find the best deals, keep track of your kids, and find that coveted close parking spot.



Gift 2. Rows: Use this exercise for upper back strength. You’ll need it to win tug of war for that last item or to drag your kids out of the store.


Gift 3. Bicep curls: Perform bicep curls in all variations to build arm strength for carrying shopping bags and groceries into your home. Because who really wants to take more than 1 trip?



Gift 4. Burpees: This exercise incorporates chest, triceps, and legs. This will help when you have to push a heavy cart full of gifts and groceries.


Gift 5. Squats: Save your back and use your legs to lift. Use squats to build leg strength and effortlessly lift that new 65-inch flat screen TV you just bought on sale.


Gift 6. Balance Training:  Depending on where you live, it’s getting icy out there. During normal walking, legs support the weight of the body at an angle that is not perpendicular to the surface of the ice, resulting in falls. Practice your balance by performing a single leg stance and prevent falls on the ice. If you have to cross ice, widen your stance and transfer your weight over each leg for increased stability.


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Gift 7. Full body workout: Go out and shovel! Get a quick, full-body cardio workout by shoveling your driveway to increase your overall endurance for those long shopping endeavors and to get a head start on your summer body.


your-guide-to-upper-back-pain-relief_184997wrist-stretch*Bonus: Perform these forearm and upper back stretches to counteract all that sitting posture from online shopping. See Uber Neck & Back Pain & Best Kept Secrets to Better Performance for more tips on sitting.

Inspired by Updoc media’s Video

Thank You for Your Attention.  

I owe a great deal of what I learned to Greg Todd & Smart Success PTPre-register for  Smart Success re-launches in January. The world is changing fast & speed is your greatest return on investment, be a step ahead,  do not let this opportunity go. Change you Career!!

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* To learn how Physical Therapy can serve you, see GetPT1st ,  Greg Todd , Renewal Rehab  Paul Gough Physio RoomsFunctional Patterns  ,  Aaron LeBauer , Kelly Starrett,  The Movement Fix, Anatomy Trains,  The Prehab Guys,  Modern Manual Therapy,   Dr. Ben Fung & Updoc Media ,  Andrews University Physical Therapy

Edited: Ffrancesca Famorcan

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