What’s in My Backpack

By now, you have carried a backpack through middle school, high school, and college; how could physical therapy school be any different? Here are a few things you can keep on hand so you’re always prepared.

Bag: You don’t have to get fancy. If you commute to and spend all day at school, you may want a bigger bag to take all of your things. However, if you live on campus, you may be able to get away with a smaller choice. Lots of pockets seem to be the best for me.

Laptop: My MacBook Pro is an absolute everyday essential for me. Almost all classes have some sort of online component so you can’t go without a laptop. My snap-on case keeps it protected from scratches. Always keep a charger handy as well.

Phone: C‘mon now…… you’re probably reading this on your phone.

Gait belt & Goniometer: You never know when your teachers will spring a pop quiz where you need to measure hip flexion or ambulate a “hemiplegic”. Keeping these tools on hand will always have you prepared.

Hand Sanitizer: Keeping your hands clean is a major key when you’re always in close proximity to your classmates, especially during flu season. Hand sanitizer is also an essential if you have to rush out of cadaver lab and forget to wash your hands.

Pens/Pencils/Highlighters: Obvious, yes, but it is useful to always have these on hand at all times. Underline, circle, color code–do everything you can to have the best notes to look back on. Come test time, you’ll thank yourself. A pencil case to store them in is essential

Planner/Calendar/Sticky Notes: It is essential to stay organized and manage your time wisely with numerous intense classes. A planner, calendar, or even post-its are a great way to stay on top of assignments and tests.

Notebooks & Binders: Many notes are taken on laptops now, but for some, the old fashioned notebook is still the best way to study information. Binders and dividers are also a great way to keep all class notes and handouts organized in one place.

Headphones: For when you want to get away.

Snacks: Did you leave your house late and didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast? keep snacks in your backpack and never go hungry.trail mix, cookies, granola bars, and pretzels are easy snacks to keep on hand.

Tissue: I have bad allergies and always sneeze in class. If you’re in the same situation, a to- go pack of kleenex is a good item to have.

Shorts & Tank top: You don’t want to do a Thomas test with jeans on or perform scapular mobilizations to your classmate that is wearing a sweater. keep shorts and a tank top around to make everyones lives easier.

Lacrosse/Tennis/Golf ball: You probably already have these in your building, but if not, use these to release tight muscles in between classes.

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Thank You for Your Attention.  

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Edited: Ffrancesca Famorcan

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