DPT students receive tons of mentorship and it is easy for us to get selfish with it; even I am very guilty of that. Like many of you, I have plans of where I want to go in the future and I try to soak up as much as I can from everyone. However, I have to remember where I was not too long ago. It might not seem like it to me anymore, but as a DPT student, I am in a very blessed position that others wish to be in.

I”m sure we all wish we knew certain things or made different decisions before entering PT school, so remember that people are out there now who are walking the same path you did. First-year DPT students, undergrads, and high school students are in need of guidance on whether PT is the right choice for them, how to fill out PTCAS, interviews, clinical volunteer hours, etc. The list goes on. So I’d like to share what has been done at my school, Andrews University, in regards to mentoring to give some ideas on what you can do to give back.

I was joined my good friend, Andrews University DPT, class of 2017 President, Joses Ngugi. Joses started the Pre-PT Success Program at Andrews University. This program mentors undergraduates interested in the field of physical therapy to provide guidance on reaching their goal of acceptance into DPT school.

Q & A : Get the answers to these questions here on  Live video Here

  • What did you find was the best way to mentor?
  • What did it seem like mentees were looking for the most?
  • What advice did you wish was given to you as an undergrad or 1st-year DPT student?
  • What internship advice would you give to students about to start their first rotation?
  • What have you seen that you like and dislike about how PTs do things and how clinics are ran?
  • What treatment methods have you seen patients respond best to?
  • Where do you see yourself after graduation?
  • Any last things you’d like to tell anyone interested in starting something like this (mentoring group) at their school?

Thank You for Your Attention.  

I owe a great deal of what I learned to Greg Todd & Smart Success PTPre-register for  Smart Success that re-launches in January. Be the first to know how to                  Change you Career!!

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* To learn how Physical Therapy can serve you, see GetPT1st ,  Greg Todd Renewal Rehab  Paul Gough Physio RoomsFunctional Patterns  ,  Aaron LeBauer , Kelly Starrett,  The Movement FixAnatomy Trains,  The Prehab Guys,  Modern Manual Therapy,   Dr. Ben Fung ,   Andrews University Doctor of Physical Therapy

Edited: Ffrancesca Famorcan

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